AV technology for meetings

Basic furniture in Koskenranta

Stage: 10m x 4m x (0,6m), black skirting
Furniture: Seat rows, banquett chairs, standing tables, rectangle tables, round tables

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Comprehensive furnituring and funtional AV technology

Functional meeting technology enables a successful day

Well-functioning meeting technology is a prerequisite for a successful meeting day. Koskenranta has functional sound and video technology tailored specifically for this space, which will be taken care of by a sound and video technician for the duration of your event, if necessary. We are also happy to help you with the implementation of streaming and message wall services, ask more about these from our sales service.

We will provide you with personal service for event planning and technical implementation.

AV Technology

Projectors: 12.000L ja 7.000L
n.5m x 3m (16:9) ja n.5m x 3m (16:10)
Stage monitor: 50 inches
Vision mixer:
Roland XS-1HD
Computers: 2 x pc
Mixing console:  Midas 32 digital mixer
Microphones: 2 x wireless microphone 4 x head set -microphone, Catch box (throwable microphone)
Amplifiers: Turbosound 2 x iq18 and 2 x iq12
Delay speakers: Turbosound 2 x iq12
Lighting: On the ceiling, RGB decorational/festive lighting
AV technician is available to take care of technicalities if needed.

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